Candle, Wax Melt & Diffuser Care Guide

Candle Care

To enjoy your Nero Bianco Candle

  1. Always allow your candle to achieve a full melt pool (wax melt to the edge of the glass) to ensure that it burns evenly and avoids tunnelling. This takes approximately 4 hours for our larger and dual wick candles.
  2. Always allow you candle to reset after burning before relighting. Our candles are hand poured with natural waxes and contain no additives which can create an uneven reset – this is totally normal!
  3. Keep wicks trimmed to 5mm between every burn and ensure you snip off the “mushroom” from the wick if one forms, to avoid smoking and damage to the glass. We recommend using our elegant wick trimmers but alternatively scissors will suffice.
  4. Extinguish your candle when 5mm of wax remains at the bottom and do not relight – We also have stylish candle snuffers!
  5. Our glass vessels are recyclable or reusable. Please remove all remaining wax and wick prior to doing so. Popping the base of the vessel in warm water will help to slightly warm the wax making it easier to remove.

Care Tip

Pop the lid back onto your candle between burns to keep it dust free.


Never leave a burning candle unattended and never move it whilst it is lit. Keep candle away from draughts and flammable material. Be aware that the glass may become hot during use so always allow to cool before moving. Take care to keep the wax pool clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring. Never burn for longer than 4 hours at a time.


Wax Melt & Burner Care

To enjoy your favourite Wax Melt scents

  1. Select your wax melt fragrance and remove from its packaging. Place your wax melt in the well of your burner.
  2. Light one small, unscented tealight and place in your burner. Do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time to prevent your burner overheating. (“Alexa…set timer for 4 hours!”).
  3. Your wax melt fragrance will envelope your room within minutes of melting.
  4. Each wax melt will provide approximately 10 hours of scent time (2-3 tealights worth). The scent will gradually diminish but the wax will never evaporate so you will need to remove the wax and replace with a new melt when the scent has gone, or when you’d like to change your scent.
  5. To change your wax melt – Light a tealight in your burner, wait about 30 seconds to a minute to allow the base of the wax to slightly melt. Now the wax in your burner well should slide. Extinguish your tealight for safety then use a tissue to remove this used wax, wipe over your well and dry with a clean tissue.

Care Tip

Store your wax melts in their glassine packaging to maintain their scent.


Diffuser Care

To enjoy your Luxury Reed Diffuser

  1. Remove the plug from your diffuser glassware and the tie from your Immerse your reeds in your diffuser and spread out. You may want to use less reeds in a small room.
  2. Motion in the room and general movement in the air will help circulate the scent and throw the fragrance, so it’s best to place your diffuser in a high traffic area, this enables the reeds to push the fragrance around a room. Avoid placing it near air conditioning units or near a door that leads outside where the fragrance will be lost. Heat from radiators can also cause the fragrance to evaporate faster, so avoid positioning it near one if you can.
  3. Allow 24 hours for the initial scent to throw into your room. After the initial 24 hours you can rotate your reeds. For a stronger scent throw rotate your reeds once a week. Caution – Do not allow skin to come into direct contact with the fragrance oil, wash hands after use and be careful not to splash liquid on surrounding areas.
  4. When your fragrance has come to an end, you can purchase one of our refills for the same scent. If you are not refilling, please dispose of the reeds and recycle or reuse the glass. Our glassware has been chosen for how beautiful it is – they make a great single stem mini vase after use (ensure to wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly first).

Care Tip

We recommend using a coaster or matt under your reed diffuser as accidental spillage my cause damage to wooden, painted, varnished or plastic surfaces. It’s also a good idea to rotate the reeds over a sink.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Ensure your diffuser is kept on a flat surface. Do not place directly onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces or on electrical equipment. Avoid placing your diffuser in direct sunlight. Do not light the reeds.